About us

   Welcome, dear Visitors and Friends of the working German Shepherd Dog!

As every little boy I had the desire to  possess my own dog. My dream came true
   when I was 10 years old - I got a German Shepherd Mix.
At the age of 20 years, I bought my first German Shepherd dog, a dog with a pedigree !

Now I am training dogs since 1980.  I collected my first experience in show GSDs.
   In 1986, another dream came true: my kennel name has been protected -  "vom Weinbergblick".

How time flies ...
For the past 24 years I , along with my wife Johanna , we are devoted to the breeding of the German Shepherd.
Our goal is to breed a healthy , family-friendly dogs with high working - ability! -
corresponding to the different requirements of our puppy buyers .

It is absolutely irrelevant whether the dog is handled on trials - a good and caring place is an absolute priority for us.
Therefore, we look at the potential dog owners quite closely. If we are not sure , the puppy rather stays with us ,
than to send him into an uncertain future.

We are looking very carefully . The results speak for themselves - after all , the german "BUNDESSIEGER"
from 2000 (Ernst Weinbergblick ) and 2012 (Hank Weinbergblick, which is World Champion 2012+2013, too ) have
seen the light of the world in our kennel and we believe that we can be quite proud .
That these dogs are not the only "celebrities " of our breeding - you can check in "success" .

We are pleased about every healthy puppy and enjoy it , to observe the daily development . Unfortunately, then also
eventually come the day of farewell , which we await with a laughing and a crying eye
. We are happy to get photos and reports
sent ,
the most important is never to loose sight of the dog .

In case of any questions, don't hesitate to contact us, we answer your questions by phone or by email!